Every Sunday
Boss Arcane Golem
Map Arcane Trace (CH 1)
Time 18:00 Server Time
Every Saturday
Boss Vikalitan of Golden Sunset
Map Lakeside (CH 2)
Time 18:00 Server Time
Every Monday
Boss Immortal Dire Boar King
Map Underworld (CH 3)
Time 18:00 Server Time
Char Name HunTerZz
Guild Name OneManArmy
Next Update Sat 30 May 22:00:00
Capella (14)
Procyon (13)
Server closure and merger with Elite cabal
[4 months ago]

Read all about it here

2x Rates until Monday night !
[11 months ago]

The prem service was switched to enable 2x rates, please relog to login screen ( id /pw screen ) to enable it :)

Webshop items bug - fixed.
[1 year ago]

There was a bug which made it not possible to buy items on the webshop, now it's fixed so you can buy items again.


Small maintenance this morning
[1 year ago]

So this morning I did a small server reboot to attempt a fix on the easter quest. I also changed the safeguards from the daily safeguard quests to account bound but lowered  their number to 3 . I know some of you only play on 1 character and that it sucks for you, but there are others with more than 1 geared characters. I also fixed the eod b3f mcl error so theres that...go test it !

The daily safeguard patch has been released.
[1 year ago]

Read more notes from this patch here : http://forum.eterniagames.com/showthread.php?57413-Patch-Notes&p=409092#post409092