Every Sunday
Boss Arcane Golem
Map Arcane Trace (CH 1)
Time 18:00 Server Time
Every Saturday
Boss Vikalitan of Golden Sunset
Map Lakeside (CH 2)
Time 18:00 Server Time
Every Monday
Boss Immortal Etherno Calligo Tempus
Map Underworld (CH 3)
Time 18:00 Server Time
Capella (101)
Procyon (84)
EOD 3 and Easter Event - this week!
[21 hours ago]

EOD 3 dungeon and Easter Event will be added in this week's update.

EOD 3 will be in test (beta) mode:

-It won't have any drops during the first days, but of course later it will have items such as perfect crafted archridium, archridium epaulets and +8 accessories.

-Boss stats will of course be tested too, to match character stats.

Some other info about EOD 3:

-Entries will be dropping in EOD 2, every mob.

Pet Untrain Kit - Option Price change Notice
[5 days ago]

It was brought to my attention that gaining real good stats in a pet via these items was done rather easily and cheaply so I decided to dump the price on them a bit to 3500 coins.

Now you should really consider if it's worth to go for a full stat pet or buy another item for the long run.

Welcome to your new GM, Shenzao!
[3 weeks ago]
We've decided to hire a new GM to ban all the sneaky hackers, help the players and e.t.c e.t.c, you know what a GM is :P
Shenzao was a GA for a while, and I've got to know him enough and I'm sure he will do a great job.
Welcome Shenzao!
Buying items from hackers is forbidden
[3 weeks ago]
Buying items from hackers is forbidden, report them instead!
This is to avoid having hackers make easy alz.
Big Update 30/03/14
[3 weeks ago]

Read the patch notes Here